Jaide’s Stage Festival – Recap

Jaide’s Stage Festival – Recap

What a fantastic time we had at Jaide’s Stage Festival in Rugby!

The competition was over 2 weekends and we were there every day with our students. As our students are very new to competitions they can learn a lot in the first few and I think they definitely have. We had fab comments back from the adjudicator with a surprise in store that will be revealed at our Showcase on the 8th December!

The most important lesson is that it is not all about ‘placing’! It is about how this performance compared to the last one, how can I improve, what can I learn, what did I do different, how was the competition different to the last one, am I performing 100% at all times in all routines and truly feeling what each piece is about. You learn a lot when competing it is a fantastic character building experience growing up.

Well done to our Inter Street Team who were in a Senior Cabaret section with extremely tough competition of dancers aimed around 16+ and a mix of styles. Congratulations to all our students.

Rhianne – 1st
Ella – 1st
Jordan – 1st
Contemporary Team – 1st

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