Over a year ago we began looking for a new uniform for the school and dance company. After much research we visited our uniforms dance wear manufacturer at the factory and saw first-hand the high quality dance wear they design and produce. After numerous meetings and zoom calls we produced our schools set uniform for all our classes. We wanted uniform that stood out, looked professional and most of all was specific dance wear at an affordable price. Our bespoke fabric is something we absolutely love and thanks to Keri, Lorna and the team we are thrilled with our school’s new uniform.


Why do we have set uniform at a Dance School?

Wearing uniform at your dance school is important for many reasons. The first being safety, as with any sporting activity that demands physical exercise training you must be in the correct clothing. For example, in our acro classes when you are performing a skill that requires you to be or travel upside down, any baggy clothing may make you slip or cover your face whilst upside down and both are extremely dangerous.

Uniform for dance schools should be movable/ flexible, breathable and close fitting (close fitting for most dance genres is vital). Another reason for this is so your teacher can help and correct your spine, hip, leg and arm alignment to help avoid injury and bad technique developing.

Our third most important reason is if you feel your best you perform your best. You want to get the most out of your classes and if you are dressed correctly, you are much more likely to focus and be able to accomplish a strong development throughout the years.