School of Dance Showcase

School of Dance Showcase

Wow, what a fantastic Showcase we had! Every single student on that stage did themselves, their family and EB DANCE proud! We have had fantastic feedback from parents and friends. I think its absolutely amazing that everyone got up on that stage and performed, as we had very young children on that stage, some just under 2’s—3 year old which are our Little Stars and then our Minis who are 4-5 year olds.

A BIG well done to everyone!

We had a very busy weekend with a tech run on the Friday evening and then a dress run early Saturday afternoon with the Showcase at 5pm. So all the children had a busy day, but I felt with the majority of these children only just starting dancing in April or even September just gone it was very important to make them comfortable and confident so we wanted to give them more than one opportunity to practice on the stage. We had fantastic cheers from the audience with an audience of over 170! Which is phenomenal so a BIG thank you to everyone for supporting our showcase!

The children had a fantastic time. I think what makes us a bit different from other schools is that our children also get to be in the opening number of the show, some also in the opening of the second half and then the finale as well as their class dances. We try to give our students as much performance opportunity as possible! We have had great feedback from parents saying that its great that they are in more numbers. We did have some very quick changes as I think our record number of performances in the show was a record number 12 out of 22 pieces all together in the show! These students do take many classes with us. The improvement I have seen in our students is fantastic and we have had wonderful feedback from parents saying they never knew dance classes could help them so much in more ways than their dance technique and ability. Confidence has grown tremendously in all our students. A big well done has to go to our adult dance class who also performed in the show which was a fantastic surprise to the students in the tech run (one adult dancer being a students mother), we managed to keep it a secret well! It’s not easy to go up on a stage at any age but even harder when you are an adult.

A big thank you to our chaperones—Ella, Katie, Danusha, Jo and Rona who did a fantastic job and looking after all the children, getting them ready and calming their nerves. Also thanks goes to Rob who helped film the show and Adam who took photos and also helped film the show. Luke and Ian our Techs, Sam who helped backstage at out showcase, Tessa and the QKA staff for making us so welcome at QKA and Cliff and the team on the day who helped us set up.

A big word of thanks goes to my mother, Rona, who greets you all with a smile every week at class and has supported myself tremendously along with my father and husband. We really can not wait until our next show which is in just over a years time as it will be just before Easter in 2020. As I am having children asking me already ‘what are we doing?’ so I better start planning!

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