1. Payments for classes can be made by cash or bank transfer. Ask us for bank transfer details. Fees are due half/ full termly. Fees must be paid by the second week of half term/ term. If there any problems we are able to work out payment plans but must know of this before term starts. We reserve the right to refuse entry to class if fees have not been paid. Class fees can not be refunded due to missed classes except in exceptional circumstance.
  2. From time to time photographs and videos will be taken for publicity e.g. our website, official Facebook page, official Instagram, video recording of our school show or newspaper photos etc. Unless parents/ guardians have specifically requested for their child to be excluded from photographs etc EB DANCE is permitted to use the photographs etc for publicity as above. Please note if your child can not be photographed or video recorded this will limit what your child is able to take part in.
  3. EB DANCE must be kept up to date with emergency contact information and medical information. If this changes it is the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to update us. This is very important.
  4. Please note it is the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to ensure their children’s safety before and after class(es). Teachers and staff cannot take responsibility for children outside of the class time.
  5. Data protection – please note all private and confidential information is kept securely. It may be necessary for us to pass on your child’s information to local authorities in connection with BOPA (Body of Persons Approval – child safeguarding) regulations for performances.
  6. Uniform must be worn during class – this is for safety reasons.
  7. No jewellery is permitted in class and hair must be tied up neatly with the correct style according to the class being attended.
  8. Valuable items should not be brought to class. Mobile phones must not be used during class. Teachers and staff cannot be held responsible for students’ possessions.
  9. There will be no food, gum, or drinks other than water permitted in the dance studio.
  10. No smoking on the school premises and grounds.
  11. Students should arrive at least five minutes before their class is due to start and must be picked up promptly after class.
  12. Students must be correctly dressed in all respects before the class starts. Students should be wearing the correct footwear before the class is due to start. Students are not permitted to be changing shoes in class time unless they have consecutive classes.
  13. EB DANCE reserves the right to exclude from classes any student who is not complying with our safeguarding policy. Under no circumstances do we tolerate bullying or misbehaviour. Please ensure you have read our safeguarding policy.
  14. If classes occasionally need to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we will work with you to make up the missed class or refund the class fee.
  15. Students must be respectful to each other, teachers and staff at all times. We always strive to foster a friendly atmosphere to enable all students to achieve the highest level possible.

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