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Elizabeth is a fantastic dance teacher! She is kind, caring and really encouraging. Our daughter started aged 3 in Elizabeth’s Little Stars group and progressed to Primary Acro which she loves. Elizabeth’s classes are so much fun that our daughter has developed her skills and flexibility without realising. ‘Magic glue’ and ‘fairy dust’ are used to help with tricky moves! We would thoroughly recommend Elizabeth Boardman School of Dance.

Morwenna Chapman
We have been coming to Elizabeth’s little stars ballet classes for 3 weeks and the difference I’ve seen in my 2.5 year old daughter already is amazing!
The first week she wouldn’t let me put her down to yesterday where she joined in with everything.
she speaks about doing ballet a lot and says she cant wait to go back again !
Elizabeth is brilliant with the children and makes the classes so much fun ! would 100% recommend to anyone who’s looking at starting dance classes
Amy-Louise Dunworth

EBDC dance school is not only the dance school where children learn different forms of dance but also learn how to work as a team, learn about social skills and confidence which enhance their personalities to perform any field of life in coming years. Miss Elizabeth Boardman is a great teacher and work really hard with children to prepare them for several competitions which helps children to perform in any stage of dance without hesitation and reach their dreams. My daughter loves to go there and desperately wait for her classes I highly recommend Elizabeth Boardman School of Dance.

Lubna Ali

My daughter loves her dance classes and doing choreography, learning dances for competitions and shows. The friendships she has formed has also given her more confidence and Liz is wonderful with the girls.. They work hard but always hear laughter and see a real show of determination in the sequences learned. Best thing we did was find EBDC!

Katheryn Smith

My daughter has been attending this dance school since she was 2 (now 5) and loves it so much! Miss Elizabeth is amazing with the children as well as having brilliant communication with the parents! Even during Covid, they have found a way for dance lessons to continue and we couldn’t have asked for any more!

Alice Palmer

I can not thank this dance school enough for everything they have done for my daughter she has continued to shine, when she first started she was extremely anxious but now she performs on stage in front of a number of people so grateful I found you Elizabeth your all amazing.

Sarah Irving

My Granddaughter loves going to her modern jazz class and is also part of the jazz troupe. She looks forward to going and loves to show what she has done is always trying to do the splits shes nearly there. Miss Elizabeth is a great teacher.

Janet Mabe

I’ve been going to little stars for 5 weeks with my 2 year old daughter and what a difference these dance lessons have made on my little one. Her confidence has grown, her speech has improved and she now sings along to all her favourite songs. She enjoys following instructions and loves learning all the dance moves, even practicing them all day long at home. She even understands what day of the week she goes dancing. I never thought a dance lesson would teach all of these, our little ones learn and take so much out of these types of experiences in their lives and turn it into something amazing. I would highly recommend giving little stars a try and enjoy watching your little ones gain amazing new skills. Big thanks to Elizabeth Boardman, you’re amazing!

Hazel Lovallo

My daughter adores Elizabeth. She has learnt some superbly choreographed street dance routines and has had many opportunities to perform them locally. The School only started at the beginning of 2018 and already has amazing Street Dance and Contemporary Teams with many competitions already in place. Highly recommended!

Sarah McNair

My two 5 year olds had their first street dance lesson on Monday and haven’t stopped speaking about it since! The lesson was great fun and Miss Elizabeth did a brilliant job of engaging them from the start. They can’t wait for their next lesson! Would highly recommend!

Tess Love

This dance school is absolutely brilliant! Miss Elizabeth is a highly trained, conscientious and motivating dance teacher who has inspired my daughter to be the best she can be. The new dance studio is professional, customer-friendly and a well-designed studio for dancers of all ability. From the youngest dancer to a more experienced dancer, Elizabeth Boardman School of Dance is where you need to be!

Karin Joyce

My daughter loves her dance lessons with Elizabeth. She is a great teacher and is brilliant with kids. I would highly recommend here.

Cecilia Lam

My daughter loves coming to ballet every week. Miss Elizabeth is great with the girls and makes learning fun.

Emma Rigby-Rayner

My daughter loves coming to your dance class it’s brought her confidence out.. she is very much looking forward to next term. The show was also fantastic

Beccy Lee

My 7 and 9 year old daughters started contemporary dance and are both loving it, my eldest even got a place in the dance group and is so happy.

Jo-anne Radford

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